Rodeo Road Trip Random Post

Time for a new edition of this blog, in this ocasion to share a few things that happened to me or that I saw during our annual Rodeo Road Trip in February (except the first one that happened in Mid-January but I forgot to include in my previous post).

I hope you guys enjoy it and please, if you have time, comment so I know what you guys think.

1 – Neil deGrasse Tyson in Austin

I could have mentioned this in my previous post but I forgot to add it. This happened on January 18th at the Long Center in Austin. With Many, my wife, we drove 85 miles to the capital of the state to see this great man give an educational, nurturing and entertaining talk. Always a pleasure to listen to him. His show Cosmos: A Spacetime Oddysey was outstanding and his podcast Startalk is great, too.

After the show, we got the chance to be fans for a little bit, shake his hand and thank him for his work. One of my favorite guys ever! Follow him on Twitter @neiltyson, as of the day of this post, more than 6.7 million followers!

2 – Memphis Storm

I posted this picture on social media at the beginning of the trip, but I do again now because I just loved it. The morning after the game I went to the river for a walk and started to see the storm approaching with lots of thunder, so I grabbed my phone, waited for the right moment and boom! Caught it! The river, the bridge, the tree and the Memphis Pyramid in the back. Great picture.

Two minutes later, it started to rain, so very satisfied with the shot I walked back to the hotel and got ready to head to Philadelphia.

 3 – Non-Recyclable


This was sent to me by a friend two weeks ago and was taken in downtown Buenos Aires. I think my friend was a little bit offended by it but I thought it was hilarious. I guess that’s what happens with Life-Size posters when the player announces retirement.

SIDE NOTE: Dear MJ (he’s a big fan of this blog),

You are still in the exact same wall in my parents’ home in Bahia Blanca. Maybe a bit dusty at this point but still rocking those tiny shorts, white Bulls jersey and Air Jordans 1 like in 1988.

A few potential reasons for “my disposal”.

  • Heck! The old man retired from the National Team, let’s get rid of this one a get a Laprovittola one, besides, it takes less space…
  • Mom finally got tired of accumulating stuff.
  • Owner grew up and is now an adult.
  • Massive home redecoration and lack of offers on (our eBay).




4 – Gramps * 2.



The two oldest players in the NBA sharing some laughs and at the same time going at each other during our game in Memphis on February 6th. Always great to play against Vince Carter! I remember in 1999, while in Italy, going crazy when watching his highlights and commenting them with my teammates before practice.

5 – Practice Shirt Winners

Congrats to the winners of the shirts of the previous blog.

Max, Clay and Shan. I got your addresses. As soon as I go back to San Antonio after this road trip I’ll ship them.

6 – Images of Change

NASA recently released a series called the “Images Of Change” which reveal how our world has changed over the past 30 years. The series provides a comparison of satellite images that depict everything from island building to flooding to urbanization.

I spend a long time enjoying some of this pictures and playing with the slide. You can click on the top right to open the world map and see a lot of different ones. There’s even one of San Antonio’s urban growth.

7 – Maps of the Rodeo Road Trip Itinerary. Real vs Ideal

This is the itinerary of the first leg of six games of the trip. Roughly 5,000 miles.

This would have been the optimized itinerary if we wanted to shave some time and save some gas. Approximately 3,700 miles. It was not the best, but it could have been really much worse!

8 – Total “AoaS” Time

In my previous post, item two, I talked about the “AoaS Time“, if you don’t remember, please re-read. I was surprised to estimate 17 hours for a four-game trip. So I decided to stop estimating and do the actual counting, stopwatch and all!

I’ll give you the final number probably while in Los Angeles next week. Too much information on this blog and it’s getting too long. I know my millenial followers’ attention span is not great 😉

9 – A Math Riddle

Three years ago, Bo was three times older than Mo. But in six years from now, Bo’s gonna be only twice Mo’s age. How old are they now?

The first three people to comment on this post with the correct answer will receive a practice worn Spurs shirt. I promise I got it thoroughly washed! 😉


Thanks for reading all the way until here. I hope you enjoyed it.

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