Random Post. January 2017 Edition

Sometimes I don’t feel like posting all I want to share on Instagram or Twitter because you have to be very brief and can’t go into details. So, when I have the opportunity or just feel like, I use this blog.

So far I’ve been mainly writing in Spanish, but today I’m changing it up. I’ll share with you a few interesting things that happened to me lately and some others that I came across online. I hope you like it.

1 – The Barataria Preserve Expedition

Alligator new orleans manu ginobili

Alligator ready to ambush in the swamps of Barataria Preserve.

We had a full day off in New Orleans, therefore a great opportunity to go see something different. We heard that The National WWII Museum was great, but decided on a more natural and outdoorsy experience. With TripAdvisor’s help, we found and chose to visit this preserve.

We didn’t see many animals but we found this guy waiting to ambush. It was probably 10 feet away from us. Not too big, I’d guess 6 feet long, but still imposed respect. Loved it.

2 – Spurs Trip

spurs itinerary january 2017

On this four-game road trip with the team we flew a little more than 3,600 miles in around eight hours. During a few minutes of one of those trips I decided to do the math on how many hours we spent seating commuting.

To calculate better the “Ass on a Seat” hours, I should add to these eight hours at least one and a half more hours per city on bus rides from airports to hotels and vice versa. Subtotal 14 hours. I also should take in consideration times to the game and back, to shootaround and back (we don’t have many any more) and also waiting times on the plane. Being conservative I estimate 17 hours total of “AoaS” time. Not bad.

I could’ve read Don Quixote just on this trip… but instead, I only came up with this post. 🤔

During my whole career? Law degree at least! Not interested at all though.

I may try to do a more precise calculation during the six-game rodeo road trip coming in February. Nobody cares, but I’ll do it anyways. I do. Stopwatch ready!

3 – Interesting Article

I’m a geography guy. Love to travel, love to know where the countries are, its capitals, sizes, rivers, etc. Not that I know that much but I enjoy learning.

I came across this article about the real size of some places compared to what we see in the map and I was very surprised. I always thought that Greenland was this massive piece of land (and ice) almost as big as Africa. At least that’s the way we always see it in maps (check on Google Maps zooming all the way out). Well, it turns out that a guy called Gerardus Mercator in the 16th century made this projection that we still use to this day, it was great for sailing but not so much to see the real sizes of things. To sum up, it’s almost impossible to portray the spherical word on a flat sheet without major distortions. If interested you can also read the very detailed Wikipedia article about the Mercator Projection here.

A few surprises:

  • Greenland is smaller than Argentina
  • Perú is bigger than Finland, Sweden and Norway combined.
  • Alaska is smaller than Libya.
  • 14 Greenlands can fit in Africa.

If you want to play with the real sizes of countries, go to www.thetruesize.com. Pretty cool website.

The Gall-Peters Projection. More accurate than the Mercator one but a bit stretched out vertically at the Equator and horizontally near the poles.

4 – A Phrase

“You can’t let praise or criticism get to you. It’s a weakness to get caught up on either one.” –John Wooden. 

Doesn’t need much explanation and so true. Very connected to my Instagram bio.

5 – Podcasts Recommendations

I don’t listen to music during the aforementioned trips, instead I choose Podcasts. I prefer long format interviews but you can find comedy, politics, finance, you name it. If you are like me, I highly recommend listening to The Tim Ferriss Show, The James Altucher Show and The Ezra Klein Show. I guess to have a successful podcast you have to choose that title structure… anyways, all three are really good. Just read the descriptions and who the interviewees/guests are, select, play and enjoy.

Many of you might be thinking “I don’t travel as much as you do, Mr. Ginobili”. I know, but the average commute of an American to work is 25 minutes. Potential four-plus hours of podcasts and/or audio books a week. Just try!

6 – New York City Stay

flat iron building manuginobili

We all love a cool stroll in NYC. As you can see in the pic this time it was probably too cool and windy but enjoyed it anyways. One of my favorite areas is the Flat Iron District. Great parks/squares, kinda close to The High Line and also Eataly (LOVE that place to eat).

7 – Matt Bonner Wicked Awesome Flannel Shirt Retirement Ceremony

bonner retirement shirt manu ginobili

I know it happened a couple of weeks ago, but it was still in January. Even though we didn’t invite him to his own ceremony, it was great to honor our dear friend Matt Bonner retiring his trademark flannel shirt. One of the best and funniest teammates ever. If you missed it, you can check his hilarious retirement announcement. You’ll love it.

Bonus Track

Bald cypress new orleans manu ginobili

Beautiful Bald Cypress with Spanish Moss all over it at the preserve.

I’ll always try to do only one pic per topic, but since I find this one very cool, I share it. The combination of Bald Cypresses and Spanish Moss (the “stuff” hanging from the branches) gave the whole place a very cool gloomy look. It was a very interesting walk.

Thank you all very much for reading all the way till here and if you like it or think that somebody you know might like it, go ahead and share or send him/her this way.

The first three to comment on this post including the word “Barataria” get a Spurs practice worn t-shirt / jersey (this time shipping only to America. I did the Argentinian version a few months ago).

Until the next post!