Post-All-Star Break Post

Back from a lovely All-Star Break and while sitting on the plane on my way to Los Angeles I start writing this third blog post in English. Let’s see what happens.

1 – AoaS Time

In case you haven’t read the January Random Post in which I write about the AoaS Time, click on the link, but to summarize, it means Ass on a Seat Time.

I decided to show you guys only the numbers of the “first leg” of the rodeo road trip that consisted of just six of the eight games for three reasons.

  • I got tired of having the stopwatch ready.
  • The last two games were both in the same city, Los Angeles, and it wouldn’t have served my purpose so I decided it to ignore them.
  • I’m the writer of this blog and I do whatever I want! 😉
Manu Ginobili Bus

Photo by Patrick Sammy Mills

The Numbers:

During the seven flights we took last week, we spent 225 minutes (3:45 hours) just sitting waiting for the luggage to be placed on the plane, deicing and getting ready. An average of only 32 minutes per trip which is really good compared to most commercial flights. That time is usually used to get an appetizer, do some socializing, hydrating, phone calls, messaging and stuff.

The actual flying and taxi time was 790 minutes. (13:10 hours). Some of the guys are good sleeping on planes but I’m definitely not one of them. Of those 790 minutes if I say I slept 100 I’d be exaggerating. Maybe a little more than an hour but I doubt it. So, I talk with my bala Patty Mills, I read, listen to podcasts, sometimes I watch something on the computer and once in a while, write this blog.

500 minutes on buses (8:20 hours). It can be from airports to hotels, hotels to games or practices, arenas or hotels to airports, etc. Very surprised by this number. I didn’t think it was gonna be this big. This time is usually spent online. Social media, texting or reading some news while listening to something. I assume most of the guys listen to music, but I either do podcasts or Argentine radio.

So, you were wondering what was my total travel time with my AoaS? Staggering 1,515 minutes (25:15 hours).

I don’t even want to think about the AoaS time total for a whole season or even a career, these were just six of the 41 road games (plus playoffs) that we have a year.

A lot of things can really be accomplished if used wisely (it goes without saying, that I’m not an example of that). So, dear young athletes, go ahead!

2 – The Bee/Wasp Incident

I received a lot of questions after my tweet on Tuesday (in english and en español). Here’s a quick few lines to explain what happened.

11.30 am somewhere in Costa Rica. The whole family was heading to the pool when Dante, started screaming out of nowhere, spitting and grabbing his mouth. He was crying non stop and not saying a word. After a couple minutes, he finally was able to tell Many, my wife, that a bug got in his mouth and stung him. Unbelievable!! He kept crying, drooling and spitting, so we called the paramedics and tried to keep him as calm as we could. 25 minutes later they came, examined him and gave him ibuprofen. A nice gentleman by the pool told us that his wife was a pediatrician and asked if we would like to talk to her, she was on the beach at the time.

After an hour, he was still uneasy and complaining a lot so I checked him out more thoroughly and saw his uvula probably three times bigger than his twin’s (great to have twins to compare stuff sometimes. You can really arrive to some conclusions). He didn’t want to talk and wasn’t breathing or swallowing comfortably. We immediately thought about the pediatrician by the beach, and my wife decided to go talk to her. Great move by wifey! She was so nice and helpful. She left everything she was doing, examined Dante and she suggested to give him some extra medicine for potential allergies and the swelling. We approved.

Wherever and whoever you are, doc. You are our new friend, we love you for your help! She had no idea who I was or what I did for a living and she was very attentive, kind, gracious and empathetic. For parents in a situation like ours, to have the peace of mind that she provided us with, is priceless. Thank you again, doc!

That day he was sore all day and very uncomfortable, but he woke up the next morning doing much better and being his usual, active self. That’s why I decided to tweet about it.

Scary story that will end up being just another family anecdote.

Very hopeful that we’ll remember more this view than the “wasp incident”.

3 – A Few Words about Costa Rica.

What a beautiful destination! Well, we’ve been there three times and only to the Pacific side but we absolutely loved it. We haven’t been to the Caribbean side yet but it we’ll do it as soon as we have more time off to explore and drive around.

Super friendly people, breathtaking beaches, unique wildlife and lots of other more adventurous options like ziplining, rafting, volcano/waterfall tours, hikes and other fun stuff that we still can’t quite experience appropriately with little ones. Love it!

And the kids loved it, too!

4 – Human Population Through Time

Beautiful video showing the Human Population Thorough Time. It deserves to be watched multiple times, including one with a finger on your space bar and pausing every few seconds.

It doesn’t need much explanation. Just watch and enjoy!


5 – A Math Riddle

I really enjoyed reading and working on this short riddle. Sounds simple and straight forward but it made me read the question more than a dozen times to finally figure it out and solve it.

Mo tells Bo “I am twice as old as you were when I was as old as you are”. If the sum of their ages is 35, what are their present ages?

This time is not for any prize. Just for the fun of challenging yourself and arrive to a solution. You’ll feel good once done and if you can’t, no big deal. Please, just give it a try and don’t Google it. Fight it for a little bit and see what happens.

An experiment to see if I get as many responses as in the previous two posts! 😉

For the ones that worked on the previous math riddle, the correct answer was 32 and 10.

As usual, thanks for reading and see you next time!

Manu Ginóbili